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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

pan*-pho.ka               k6n-"an        man-mai      idn^-na   mai   poi-ka   fcau-ieng1

(anfi).join«d.(hrmsel/)   (and-)man-the      him           field*     into     mt       Mend

Man-mai2 khiing-kin phau-ko ma-hau.   Bhang     nai            la-cham      tarn

pigs.    Him-to    eatables    any. one not-gone.      If   obtained  (hej-could-have husk*


man           ft           k">*          Mil      man    cbau-kum       ma-nai     man      wa,

Af      wmtld-have   eaten.        When      he       Ms-semes      recovered     he    Mid>

'him        po      kau    mai      kha-nai       ko    khau    mt-kin        p6-lti

'house   father's   my      in      slaves-the    ecen food      to-eat     haw-enough

khiin-Baiig-kau    pun-mai              ko         hau,        K&u-cliam        ma-nai-kin-sM1

and          others-to             even        to-givt.             I            not-getting-food


Kau      po       kau    mai    ka-sM    wa     k&t,        "po-ii,     kau    Chauphra-mai*
I    father      my      to     going    say    will,       ' father,      I               God

15. tai-kliang5      mau-mai4            pliifc-yau,    kimn-rmg-kau    liik-cfaai      nl       mail

against     (and)-your self      have'Stnned,         and                  son        good     your

nai-slii   ma-thok-wa •   kau-mai           kha            na-kan-shi   au-wai-ta." *

to-be  I'(am)*not*fit;      me       (of-yourj-sloves         as            take.*"

Mii-nai     man      fcai-khang     po      man   mai   ma-ka.      Po        man   man-mai
Then       he             near     father    his     to    went.    Father       fas      him

luk    ti-kai-pun han-ka      han-ka,       khun-nang-kau Ian-
from        afar       saw    pitied-(hfa)t                 and

ka-shi     kho   man     mai      wam-sH        ehup-kem-ka.      Mii-nai   Juk-chai
running   neck    his     upon   (and)-falhng    ki8*ed-(him).         Then        son

20. man   wa,     *po-u,   kau   Chauphra-mai   kliiin-nang kau ka-uae   mau-mai    phit
his    said,   'father,   I             God                  and            against   yoandf  simed

,,D even gate to him not things to eat.

„„_„,..-._______B......B ,______...........     „_.. _„, */5f is the past participle suffix,

4 Mtd u simply the Accusative case suffix.

*  Tai-ikhSng means, literally,«near, adjacent to,'

•  $Si& as ' tefne.*' in the pte«nfle of   The not after CfaipArS and *e$ is th« aqasaatite ease tnttx.